Steven Moran - Start of something new.

Start of something new.


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I have decided to take my personal portfolio / creative outlet in a new direction – rather than the typical portfolio site (as was an example of) I’ve decided to make a quasi-interactive blog-esque¬†portfolio to which I can post photos and design work as I create it or when I feel inspired to do so. This new Web site and domain name also allow me to broaden my creativity to more mediums than simply photography.

I hope you enjoy the site, I had a fun time coding like crazy to make it look this plain (if you can believe it.)

Please enjoy some portraits I’ve decided to share below, and check back soon for future updates and more of my work.


*Note:¬†Against my personal tastes, due to the size of the portrait-oriented photos and design pieces on this site, I have been forced to insert a watermark. Please don’t judge me too harshly for it.

Model: Chelsey

Model: Lindsey

Model: Krissy

Model: Krissy

Model: Marc

Model: Britt

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