Steven Moran - Starting from scratch: The NWC

Starting from scratch: The NWC


I’ve recently had the unique experience of developing a brand from its origins with a start-up company that I’m working with called The New World Community (The NWC). Developing a brand from scratch can be an interesting challenge, especially when you’re the sole creative on the project working with people who have very focused business ideas. Getting people to see the marketing or brand impacts of their decisions and helping to shape a business accordingly is very interesting and time consuming.

The New World Community is a company that wants to change the way that the business world operates. They believe that doing business for good will, in turn, be good for business and that they can positively impact the world. As such, they operate in the middle grey area of the business world between your average profit-seeking business and your charitable organisations, similarly to the brand TOMS – they want to do good in the world while maintaining a profitable business.

CEO Jay (center) in the Dominican Republic on an NWC Experience trip.

CEO Jay (center) in the Dominican Republic on an NWC Experience trip.

They accomplish this by educating their clients about how their products are made and how they impact the lives of others, reinvesting in the communities from which their products originate with a percentage of the profits from those products, and providing people with opportunities to take action through NWC experiences.

Below, you’ll find a “coming soon” splash logo tease; all that I can share at this stage of the brand and business development. This is an ongoing project of mine, so I will be continuing to post more about the NWC as things continue to move forward with the business. I’m looking forward to sharing the brand book in the coming weeks.